2021 calendar turning over to 2022

Looking Back on a Fruitful 2021 - And Ahead Toward a Prosperous 2022!

Although 2020 will forever be known as our “pandemic year,” businesses throughout the country, including in the Town of Islip, still had to overcome obstacles and find ways to adapt in 2021. We’re proud of how all our businesses and community continued to adjust and evolve successfully.

As we approach 2022, we want you to remember that the Town of Islip is one of the best places to start or expand your business, thanks to the comprehensive suite of programs and incentives available.
Our resources include helpful and informative blog posts we’ve published over the past year. We invite you to review some of our popular posts as you consider strategies for your business in 2022:

• Even if your business is doing well enough to expand, you want to avoid the pitfalls that can turn expansion into a setback.
   Five Reasons Why Proper Planning Can Make Business Expansion a Stress-Free Project

• Why tax incentives present a “win-win” for businesses and residents.
   Trickle-Down Effect of Corporate Tax Incentives Will Aid All Property Owners in the Long Run

• From finances to infrastructure, proper preparation ensures your business can withstand any unforeseen challenges.
   Tips for Business Disaster Planning and Recovery

 The Town of Islip IDA is proud to work with businesses to help them thrive, expand, and succeed. Call (631) 224-5512 or email ecodev@islipny.gov