Businesses Thrive on a Highly Skilled and Educated Workforce

Long Island boasts some of the top universities, colleges and trade schools in the state. The local campuses of Stony Brook University,  Hofstra University, Adelphi University, SUNY Farmingdale and New York Technical Institute are constantly turning out highly skilled and educated graduates into the workforce.


Biggest Growth Sector on Long Island: Pharma and Nutraceuticals

Nature's Bounty worker in pharmaceutical manufacturing facility

And Some of the Top Companies Are Headquartered in Islip.

Long Island’s largest growing industry sector is pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. It’s no surprise with the highly educated workforce, industrial parks and overall quality of life that many of the top pharma/nutra companies are based in the Town of Islip.


Tips for Business Disaster Planning and Recovery

It is no question that we are facing uncertain times for businesses as governmental shutdowns of non-essential industries continue. As a result, the need for businesses to revisit and reevaluate their disaster recovery business continuity plans has never been greater. While it can be difficult to traverse this new landscape, it is important to acknowledge that this will not continue forever, and a firm plan and re-evaluation of resources can give businesses a fair chance at outlasting the current economic situation. In this article, the Town of Islip Office of Economic Development outlines a few tips for businesses’ disaster planning and recovery in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic.


Local COVID-19 Disaster Relief Resources for your Business

From natural disasters to terrorism, New York businesses have survived a lot in the past two decades, and coping with COVID-19 is no different. It will take time, but when it becomes safe, businesses will begin to reopen. But getting businesses through these uncertain times is a primary focus for us and we know that the road to recovery isn’t always a straight line and how to best utilize available resources may not be as straightforward as they could be. In order to support our local Town of Islip industries, we put together a full list of COVID-19 disaster relief resources.